Mercy - Julie Garwood, Christina Traister image
★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I’ve never heard a performance by Christina Traister – and it is truly a performance she gives – but this won’t be my last time. She was fantastic! Ms. Traister does a wonderful job on the southern Louisiana Cajun accents. I am sure they would be much thicker in Real Life, but they do need to be understandable on audio.

I really felt Michelle’s father came alive in the audio, much more than on the printed page. Before, when I just read them, I didn’t appreciate all the subtle humor inherent in his voice for some of his scenes. I think Michelle’s voice as a little girl didn’t sound childish enough, but why quibble? Still, I liked her softening accent as she moved away from home, becoming Dr. Michelle Renard; nevertheless, it reappears when she’s interacting with her family. Especially when they push her buttons! LOL! I think most people do this in Real Life.

I also didn’t even think to put Theo Buchanan, attorney for the Justice Department, with a Boston accent, but **smacks forehead** surely he’d have one. She manages to make him sound cynical, worldly, and sexy.

Overall, Ms. Traister’s pacing, inflections, as well as her differentiation were spot-on, kicking it up a notch, from four stars to five.

I love that [a:Julie Garwood|6251|Julie Garwood|] is releasing some of her books out on audio and they are finding such wonderful narrators. Her books deserve them!

Really, these characters came so alive, I just didn’t want this book to end.