Lyon's Bride: The Chattan Curse (Audio) - Cathy Maxwell, Rosalyn Landor ★★★☆☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Man-oh-man! As much as I love Rosalyn Landor narrating, even she can’t do anything about a major – yes major – cliffhanger. I don’t mind little ones in a series, especially if they are to set up the next character in the series. (Actually, I’ve just gotten used to them.) However, nothing is really resolved in this one. If I wanted to run that risk, I could read Urban Fantasy, or even some PNR.

By the way, when I was listening to this last night the story changed to the brother. I thought, okay... good stopping place; I’ll listen to the rest of the story tomorrow. Well, the rest of the story was about seven minutes longer! Eep! The end. Or should I say, "To Be Continued." I am so unhappy about it, I don’t know if I'll even continue with the series.