An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn Antique embroidered gloves in musée national de la Renaissance - end of 17th c. to early 18th c.
★★★★½ Recently re-read this one as a “buddy read.” While I loved the whole “seeing her across a crowded ballroom” thing, it didn't work for some of my fellow GRs “buddy readers.” It did for me; I thought that night was magical.

I did think Benedict was a bit of a jerk about the mistress stuff, but it was realistic for the era. I was thinking of knocking this down a star because of that, but this is such a great series.

Plus, Ms. Quinn did a wonderful job on a “Cinderella” retelling. I loved to hate Sophie’s step-mother, Araminta; she really pushed my buttons. (Isn’t it interesting how some villains push your buttons more than others?) And the ending was fun.

Still, [b:The Viscount Who Loved Me|861326|The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)|Julia Quinn||3363] is my favorite, so far.