The Greek Tycoon's Mistress - Julia James Greece

★★★★☆ Not all of this author’s books are meant to be humorous, but this one is, and she does it with wit and charm.

Our Heroine, Leandra, is close with male friends, Chris and Demos, who are themselves in a secret, romantic relationship. Demos, banking on her loyalty, friendship, and sense of fun, asks Leandra to pose as his ‘airhead’ mistress, but only while his cousin (and Our Hero), the wealthy and powerful Theo Atrides, is visiting England.

Theo, there at the behest of his ailing Greek grandfather, Milo, who is desperate for an heir, reluctantly agrees to mention, but not push, the idea of an arranged marriage.

Theo takes one look at Leandra, who is playing her part to the hilt, clinging to Demos, and thinks he knows her angle. A logical conclusion as she is, after all, completely decked out in Demos’ diamonds, in a trollop’s dress, and having fun with the assigned role.

Milo knows he can’t rely on Theo to provide a legitimate heir due to having vowed never to marry; nevertheless, this old rogue sets up a few mendacious machinations causing Leandra to be kidnapped and transported to Theo’s isolated Greek island.

And the games begin!

For even though Theo thinks his grandsire has gone too far this time, he still tries to bribe Leandra to leave Demos in order to get her off his island and his hands - and when that doesn’t work he tries seduction.

But where did his cousin’s empty-headed mistress go?

Instead, he finds a passionate woman of integrity and intelligence, totally at odds with his previous impression. (Yes, that would also be his perception of her as chiseling gold-digger.)

But Julie James is not done with us yet. She has a few more surprises in store for us readers in Leandra’s character, giving us a surprisingly powerful storyline; plus, how she writes the end is worth the wait.