Prince Charming - Julie Garwood, Rosalyn Landor Yes, I know the fashion isn’t right for 1868, but these twins are just too adorable to not post!
★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) What can I say about the wonderful, versatile Rosalyn Landor that I have not said before? Here she surprised me with her Kentucky accent of Lucas Ross, the hero. Granted, I’ve met people from this wonderful Southern “blue grass” state and they speak a lot slower than she delivered Lucas’ lines. LOL! Which is probably a good thing, as it would have taken me forever to get to the end. Nevertheless, she gives us a very good delivery of him, astounding me yet again. Of course, the rest of her reading is perfection. I've read this one before, but she kicks it up a notch.

I’m so happy they are re-releasing JG’s books on audio! While this one isn’t my favorite, it gets better as the story moves along. It seems a little disjointed at first, as it searches for a comfortable setting in which to get cozy - the old world or the new. I was able to get distracted by other pretty bookcovers.

Still, some parts are excellent... the scenes aboard ship, the cute twins, and Lucas’ possessiveness -- once he commits to Taylor. Some think the book’s title is a little misleading, as Lucas is NOT a knight and Taylor is so obviously a lady; he’s a ... well, I’ll let you discover that. Alas, you must remember, Lucas is Taylor’s idea of Prince Charming. He’s mine, too!