What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston Fede Ring Circa 1650
★★★★☆ Fabulous fun! I really enjoyed this one, which was sort of a spin on the popular movie Hangover – making it a Victorian Hangover. So many things should NOT have worked in this debut novel, but did. This was mainly due to the sheer fun of the read. The premise had all of us in Happily Ever After Café who were doing a “buddy read” cracking the book earlier than planned.

I would say this is a twist on a lighthearted comedy of errors, but not too over the top. I rolled my eyes over a bit in the set-up – both of the hero and heroine were having a problem with their memory – but others in the group were more forgiving. Plus, it is all explained later. We were entirely too interested in finding out the answers to all the little mysteries about what happened the night before, how Lady Georgette and James McKenzie woke up and found each other married to one another. Or are they?

Besides the entire list of unknowns to solve, what I really liked was the setting; the details of the era seem so well done. Although this historical takes place in 1842, I did feel like I was in a Scottish village – one stuck in the medieval ages. It was nicely detailed, but the plot didn’t drag.

There were several unique characters introduced and – even if the villain wasn’t that hard to figure out – well, most bad guys aren’t in RomanceLandia. Plus, as they were going about their day trying to reconstruct their memories of the previous evening, the fun of discovering yet another mystery instead of an answer was engaging.

A thoroughly entertaining read! I look forward to more by this talented author.