Come Home to Me - Peggy L. Henderson
★★★★☆ This is a nice escapist story combining time travel and the Old West that happened to be Western & Medieval Romance Lovers’ BOM for March, 2013. Since I had already bought it, I was looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint.

I liked Jake and Rachel – and her nephews – and their adventures. Of course, the “wagon train” setting is one of my favs. I also liked that Jake had a chance to correct his course in life and “cowboy-upped,” so to speak.

Sure, there was some question with regard to the whole “time-travel/butterfly-future effect” – and it flitted through my mind at the end – but that isn’t exactly why I was reading the book.

I’ll certainly read more by this author. While I didn't gobble it down in one bite, but enjoyed it each morning for about a week, I could tell she’s got that certain “something-something” that comes across on the page.