Scandal In Spring (Wallflower) - Lisa Kleypas, Rosalyn Landor Lawn bowling...
“The Lesson,” by Dita Joseph

★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Ms. Landor is one of my favorite Historical Romance readers because she always gets the atmosphere right for the era. That, and her pacing is perfect. Here she convincingly depicts the outraged Daisy Bowman, who is appalled that her father wants her to marry his protégé. Ms. Landor adds dimension and emotion to Ms. Kleypas’ characters and I even cried over one conversation between Daisy and her sister, Lillian; something I don’t remember doing when I first read this book years ago.

There aren’t a wide variety of characters in this story – something else at which Ms. Landor excels. I especially love it when she has to do a Scottish lilt, but in SiS there are just American and English accents. Still, the characters are well differentiated and this series is well worth the time and money. I gave this installment of The Wallflowers four stars years ago when I read it; however, Ms. Landor definitely kicks it up a notch.

Daisy is the last of the four Wallflowers, and her father gives her an ultimatum: snag a man by May or she will have to marry Matthew Swift, someone she despises. However, she is unprepared for the change in Matthew, not to mention her feelings when she is in his physical proximity.

You can’t really call these two “frenemies,” as the feeling of loathing is only on Daisy’s side; unbeknownst to her, Matthew was been secretly enamored with her for years. Though, he does do a good job of not letting that slip for awhile. All of this sets up some wonderful scenes. However, the lawn bowling showdown alone is fun and well worth the revisit to Ms. Kleypas’ world.

P.S. I love that Ms. Landor keeps the voices for the all four of the Wallflowers the same though-out this wonderful series.