Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Sausalito
★★★★½ Here are my comments in a "buddy read" I did when I was about half way through. And I loved it though to the end.

1. I must say, I am just loving these three characters - yes, I'm including Clive. I have a non-sexual "attack cat" story to tell you all one day, so I'm finding him very believable and not over the top.

2. I didn't think I'd like a "man whore" book - and one where the heroine being instantly gaga over him, too. But, sometimes an author as deft as this one is, can win me over. She's certainly doing a great job!

3. One of the things I really like is the gradual building of a relationship between Caroline and Simon. You can see them going from enemies to becoming friends and getting closer; the author doesn't just go, "Poof! They are friends."

4. The secondary characters are a hoot. I love the twist of the two other couples being paired up wrong.

5. I usually don't like the e-Mail, texting sections of a book, so when it is done, I skim over them. However, these are so realistic and move the story along so nicely that they are a joy - and a giggle - to read.

6. This is a fast read, but the author is good at giving pertinent information to provide character background and setting the scene. Makes it zip along.