The Raven Prince (Princes Trilogy, #1) - Elizabeth Hoyt description
★★★★★ Man-oh-man-oh-man-man! Elizabeth Hoyt knows how to tell a story! I loved every enchanting word of this one. In a genre chocked with redundancy, Ms. Hoyt has written a RomanceLandia fairy tale and distinguished it with strong, compelling characters; the fascinating main protagonists, a devoted hound, an insightful mother-in-law, the average villagers, the lowest servants, the devoted friends, and last, but not least, the disgust-worthy villains – they all leap off the page. She has peppered her first in the Princes Trilogy with witty banter and a moving, well-paced storyline. The sensual scenes? They are a combination of sizzling, combustible heat and aching, heartfelt emotions. Don’t pick this one up unless you can afford to neglect your Real Life and fall under EH’s spell.