Twisted Creek - Jodi Thomas image
★★★★✩ Ms. Thomas sets a different tone here from her regular books and it worked for me. I love small town lovin’ and this one was very small, just a rundown lake community. JT changes back and forth from first person POV to third person narrative, and it threw me a bit the first time, but I got used to it. Especially since it is so well written.

Twenty-six year old Allie Daniels, abandoned by her teenage mother when she was three, has inherited a lakeside store cum café outside Lubbock, Texas, from an uncle she’s never met and one her grandmother, Nana, is sure isn’t related to them. Allie is certain it is all a big mistake. You see, Allie is always expecting something unlucky to happen around the next corner, though she keeps peeking eagerly around each one of them, her heart full hope. At Jefferson’s Crossing, her heart finds an unobtrusive lake bum, Luke Morgan, an incognito ATF agent, who likes to dive off her dock -- in the buff -- for a midnight swim. Still, don’t get your hopes up; the lovin’ in this story is of the “one-foot-on-the-floor” variety. Okay, maybe the second foot lifts a little.

Ms. Thomas has a talent for scripting amazing secondary characters and they are a delight here as a group of “Nesters” who come in all sizes, shapes, stages-of-life, sexes, and smells. They set out to rid their small community of meth dealers, despite Luke’s protests.

JT has a book where the activities of daily living are simple and slow-paced, but the undercurrent is full of danger and action. The tone is melancholy, yet full of hope. A sweet, beautiful story to tell us it is what lives in our hearts that is important.

Man-oh-man! I hope there is a sequel.