All He Ever Needed (Kowalski Family, #4)

All He Ever Needed (Kowalski Family, #4) - Shannon Stacey,  Renee Werbowski Paige’s trailer isn’t quite this small, but I thought this was adorable.
★★★★✩ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Renee Werbowski is a new to me narrator who I certainly won’t shy away from in the future. She does a nice job of this forth installment of the Kowalski Family series. There aren’t a lot of different characters, or accents, or high emotions to convey; however, I liked her voice and pacing.

This is a sweet story about two average people, but it isn't so unbearably sweet that it made my blood sugar rise too, too much. Sure, Mitch is a hunk, and has a reputation that might not be deserved; Paige stands solidly on her own two feet; but really, they are pretty average.

After not having any growing up, Paige now wants roots. She’s been eschewing men in the few short years she’s been in town, running the local diner. Mitch is free-spirited, riding the country’s roads on his motorcycle, and throwing all his energy into his explosives company. He’s in town to help out his brother, Josh Kowalski, who broke his leg. Josh runs the family lodge, and in Book #6 his love interest is going to be Katie Davis, who owns a barber shop; both have a couple nice scenes together.

There is a lot of everyday life in a small town; you find out who else is having problems and how that affects Mitch and Paige’s relationship. Nevertheless, I like everyday stuff sometimes. I didn’t like [b:All He Ever Needed|14714484|All He Ever Needed (Kowalski Family, #4)|Shannon Stacey||22828580] as much as the other books in the series; but, as Ms. Werbowski was spoon-feeding me while I did my errands, I was a pretty contented camper.