The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons #2) - Julia Quinn Regency Fashion Custom Personal Calling Cards Business Card by AgeOfJaneAusten
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Regency Fashion Custom Personal Calling Cards Business Card
★★★★½ This one still holds up, in fact, I might have liked it better...The office scene, while still painful, was bearable because I knew some fun scenes where coming. It was such fun to do it as a "buddy read." So many memorable scenes - and they still work.

A few images from the first few chapters...

Regency Ball

pink roses

blue damask sofa

deserted island


Rotton Row, London

Serpentine River, London

A few images for Chapters 8-15...

English Manor Hall with yellow stone.

Kate's pale lavender frock in which she played Pall Mall? Maybe not the long sleeve gloves, but certainly the "look" is otherwise right.

Mallet of Death. The mallet and ball should be painted black, but still, this is the shape.

Bumble bee around lilacs.

Regency gazebo

Several Bridgertons reading Mrs. Whistledown's Society Papers
{Actually, The Amateur Print Collectors (1810), by Louis-Leopold Boilly.}

round-cut diamond, antique setting, gold ring

English Gardens - No spoilers here, just put under one to save room:

English Manor with tulips!