Borstal Boy - Brendan Behan,  Niall Toibin ★★★★✩ What better book to read on St. Patrick’s Day than [b:Borstal Boy|17622659|Borstal Boy|Brendan Behan||2579470], by [a:Brendan Behan|41348|Brendan Behan|]? Niall Tóibín, Irish comedian and actor, narrates this one that is semi-autobiographical story of the author. After committing murder via an IRA bomb, a 16 year old boy is locked-up in three English detention institutions during WWII. However, Mr. Tóibín's accent (depending on the dialect he is doing) is so thick, I had to play back parts, though I did get used to it. Still, wonderful dialogue, jokes, slang words, and few great songs sung in Irish in this once banned book.