Open Season - Linda Howard,  Deborah Hazlett Daisy needs some protection.
★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Oh, I had to be bad and get this one! I know I only gave the hardcover of this one four stars, but it has some of my favorite themes along with one of my favorite authors, so I splurged and got the audiobook. I’m so glad I did, as [a:Deborah Hazlett|2092937|Deborah Hazlett|/assets/nophoto/nophoto-U-50x66-251a730d696018971ef4a443cdeaae05.jpg] does a great job narrating. She handles this fast-paced Romantic Suspense with ease and perfect diction, while her pace, volume, and tone do not fluctuate. The male voices aren’t quite perfect, as her voice isn’t deep enough, but such is the case with most female readers. Still, she gets the accent and inflection of humor - and worry - just right; ditto on the accents and differentiating them, too.

[a:Linda Howard|16961|Linda Howard|] has a habit, sometimes, of getting her characters in the sack too soon – for me, anyway. (Maybe I’m turning into a prude in my old age.) Even so, she turns me around every time. The characters are fun together; I can so easily picture them.

Daisy Minor, small town librarian, and Jack Russo, Chief of Police, make an enjoyable and charming couple - though you wouldn’t know they are a perfect match at first. Daisy decides it is time for a major make-over, and she gets in a little too deep with her sexy new look. Good thing there is the hunky, protective man-with-a-badge standing by.

The way it starts, you think it is going to be darker than it is, and certainly the topic of illegal marketing of sexual slavery is no joke. (And, this is probably why I marked it down the first time through.) Given that I’ve read it several times over, and continue to love it, I just have to increase the rating. Despite the topic, there is plenty of humor mixed in with the justice.